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« Welcome To A New World ».

In tune with his habit, Pat O’May wished to explore new territories by writing and composing his first Concept Album. 

Surrounded by his musicians John « Helfy » Petitjean, Christophe Babin, James Wood and Bryan Rondeau, Pat finds himself back in the studio to record this new adventure.

All the tracks are linked by a sound score and the texts are narrated in different tongues such as French, English, German, Briton, Japanese, Italian, Spanish etc.

 At a cross road between the Matrix and the Who’s Tommy

No Face, the central character of this Concept Album, realises that he possesses no sensory feelings at all. Sight, smell, touch, speech, thought, all are alien to him. He is all alone. Little by little, questions assail and jostle him.

Was he born like that, is he controlled by an outside force, by society, by computers? How did he find himself in such a state?

From this moment on, he will step onto an initiation path leading him to the realisation that he shut himself within his fears, jettisoning his free will for the stillness of a quiet anonymous life.

Step by step he will rediscover the taste for life and get his senses and autonomy back.

But… is it that simple?