Lyrics of « Please tell me why »



Please tell me why

You feel so bad in your mind


Imagine that the night

Is full of hopes and signs

Imagine that the light

Is warm and holds you tight

Everything around is just like paradise

Imagine that the trees

Are on the road again

Imagine that the road

Becomes pretty glen

Life is a hurricane

Painting time 


Believe me, it’s all in your head

If you close the door,  

You’ll never move ahead 

Go down to the shore   

Don’t be, don’t be shy

Let the words slip into your bed

Hear what they say,

And feed your empty head

You’ll not go astray

So no, don’t be   paralyzed 





Please tell me why

You feel so bad, in your mind

Open your eyes

To be saved, in your life


Breathe in the stars pervading your head

Feel the water rolling down,

And take a sledge

Take it as a gift, and let it

Blow your mind

Now you’re sure that life

Is not a maze

You were not born to be a lonely prey

You’re not weird or wrong

In the firelight


Please tell me why

You feel so bad, in your mind