Lyrics of « I shall never surrender »


Between these four walls, I was born without a face

My senses are blind. like a wrathchild

I’ve survived and built a past, I wonder why

I’ve never felt the rain, I’ve never felt the sun

Or the wind stroking my eyes, I’ve never heard a sound

I’ve never said a word, I can’t stay in this world


Don’t remain the same, never surrender

There’s nothing more than angry days

Running through my burning veins

You will remain the same, if you surrender

Who can help me break the lies

That keep me trapped inside this bloody hell

Spread your wings and fly away

Sounds like a whisper in my head

I will try to runaway, to draw a new ending

And break the walls


Rage takes me so far away

I have lost control

I wanna breath and have a face

Everywhere I go, every where I fall


Everyday I feel, flowing in my will

The shadow of a life, calling me, taking me

I start to feel a light, I start to glimpse the fight

But I live in fright, and I turn around, paralyzed




I’m trapped upon this moor

The truth behind the door

I need to change my life

An answer rolling through time

Could I bear the blame

Could I be a name

I want to understand

The seeds of hopes are here but I’m blind


Living’s for the bold

Sliding through the cold

The sound of a call

Is ringing in me, like a sign

Should I break the past

Should I be the last

Colours of the blast

Drawing in my mind, a new life


Stranger in this underworld

Seek the reason you’re so blind

I cannot live without a face

It’s up to you to build your own

I feel something’s coming

Opening up my mind