Lyrics of  » I BELONG »



There’s something new on my mind 

Something strange, should I care

I Feel the morning like a source of grace

Should I stay or should I go ?

I wonder why I would return 

There’s nothing to keep me here anymore

You’ve woken up my life

You’ve settled all the fights


Sometimes everything gets confused

Where is my place, should I lose

You taught me how to breathe

You caught me in your charms

I’m waiting for the day,

I’ll live in your way

I’m lost by your pace,

I can’t follow your trace

I’m looking for the day, I’ll find your grace

And calling the day, I’ll run away

Where is the truth ?

Where is the truth ?

I know I can’t live without your love

But hell is for me


I belong to your soul    

You belong to my soul

That’s how it is

That’s why I’m wrong

That’s how it is

Now all is done