Lyrics of « Friend »



There’s a friend knocking on my door

Nothing is the same

Is it the wharf I’m waiting for ?

Everything has changed

I am lying on the floor

Waiting for a boat

To take me in a roar

 I’m dreaming of my goal


Everynight when I feel blue

I hear it in my brain

Sure, that life is not a due

No longer a game

There’s an answer on the moor   

Fear is such a pain

It will not chain me anymore

Freedom bleeds in my veins

Something’s knocking on my door

I won’t live in shame

I will play another score 

Where, I’ll be my name


My senses are blooming in the darkness

I ride a wild horse through the flames

And I leave behind the road of endless games


Now all the tears are far from my home

I’ve turned down the radio

All is new, the past is gone

I’m drawn like a bow, I’m ready to go





I’m on the edge, I will not stay in this place 

I will win the race, the future is a pledge that I will embrace


Abandon the rage, I’m no more a slave

I feel at peace, I’ve turned page


Healed of fears, in a smile, all is clear

No more waiting a friend for a while

You and I, I know we’ll be one, feeling fine

My name is No Face and I’m here to stay 


Now I’m Back, The new world is mine

Don’t be sad, all the past is so far behind

Diamonds shine, all is bright on the wild

I am a fireball